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Buzzards Roost Cycle Shop 1st Annual Wild Hog Roast.
Event starting 09/19/2014 07:00 am for 2 days
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Author: Numbnuts
Posted: 09/02/14 08:32 am
Replies: 0
Views: 58
Numbnuts an Buzzards Roost Cycle Shop would like to invite all ya'll to our 1st Annual Wild Hog Roast Sept 19th-20th. Fri night meet an greet kareok...
Buzzards Roost Cycle Shop 1st Annual Wild Hog Roast.
Event starting 09/19/2014 07:00 am for 2 days
Forum:  ETGG Community » The Main Room

Author: Numbnuts
Posted: 09/02/14 08:41 am
Replies: 0
Views: 60
[/b][/i] Howdy from the Buzzards Roost- We are having our 1st Annual Wild Hog Roast Sept 19th -20th an had a band to cancel on us here today and we're desperately Looking for a band to fill the spot ...




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Name City, State Genres Type mp3?
the nomads LALAthe Classic Rockthe Bandthe 2the
2 For Nothing OKHaworth, OK2 F Country / Southern Rock / Classic Rock2 F Band2 F 22 F
315 South TXTX315 Country / Classic Rock / Rock315 Band315 2315
3RT Band TXWills Point, TX3RT Country / Southern Rock3RT Band3RT 23RT
a East TX BASS PLAYER TXTyler, TXa E Christian Rock / Gospela E Bassa E 2a E
Alan Fox Band TXTXAla Rock / BluesAla BandAla 1mp3Ala
Allen Brown Country TXCrawford, TXAll Country / Southern Rock / CountryAll BandAll 1mp3All
Amanda Graves TXMesquite/Edgewood, TXAma Country / Alternative / Southern RockAma BandAma 2Ama
Ambush LAShreveport, LAAmb Classic Rock / Blues / DanceAmb BandAmb 2Amb
Anson Carter TXKingwood, TXAns CountryAns BandAns 2Ans
Anthony Q brewer TXMcKinney, TXAnt Contemporary / GospelAnt SoloAnt 2Ant
Austin Collins & The Rainbirds TXAustin, TXAus Rock / Americana / CountryAus BandAus 2Aus
Backroom Noise TXTyler, TXBac Hard Rock / Grunge / MetalBac BandBac 1mp3Bac
BART CROW & Ragged Co. TXTXBAR Country / Southern RockBAR BandBAR 2BAR
bayoubill TXBeckville, TXbay Classic Rock / Blues Rock / Southern Rockbay Guitarbay 2bay
Bender TXCanton, TXBen Rock / Country / AmericanaBen BandBen 2Ben
BENJI ALLEN TXFort Worth, TXBEN Country / Southern Rock / AmericanaBEN BandBEN 2BEN
Betty Lewis and The Executives LAShreveport, LABet R & B / Gospel / Blues RockBet BandBet 1mp3Bet
Black Eyed Jesus TXrice, TXBla Americana / Folk / AlternativeBla BandBla 2Bla
Blessed Out Loud! TXHallsville - by-Golly, TXBle Christian Rock / Folk / AlternativeBle BandBle 2Ble
Blue Louie TXtyler, TXBlu Blues / RockBlu BandBlu 2Blu
Bob Mauldin TXTyler, TXBob Country / Southern RockBob BandBob 2Bob
Bobbie Mercy Oliver & The Jam City Revue TXMarshall, TXBob Blues / R & B / FolkBob BandBob 2Bob
Bobby Coffman's Underground Band TXTXBob Blues Rock / R & B / JazzBob BandBob 2Bob
Bobby Edwards Band TXTyler, TXBob Blues / Rock / Pop PunkBob BandBob 2Bob
Bobby-O and The Mojos TXLongview, TXBob Blues RockBob BandBob 2Bob
Boondock Deacons TXMount Pleasant, TXBoo Rock / Blues / FunkBoo BandBoo 2Boo
Borderline TXLongview, TXBor Classic Rock / Country / Groove RockBor BandBor 1mp3Bor
Brad Stinson TXAustin, TXBra Country / BluesBra BandBra 1mp3Bra
brady miller TXbrownsboro, TXbra Americana / Alt Rock / Countrybra Drumsbra 2bra
Brandon Jenkins TXAustin, TXBra AmericanaBra BandBra 2Bra
Brandon Rhyder TXTXBra CountryBra BandBra 2Bra
Brian Francis Baudoin LALABri Acoustic / Blues Rock / FolkBri SoloBri 1mp3Bri
Buddy Varnell TXBullard, TXBud Alternative / Country / AmericanaBud GuitarBud 2Bud
Caravan Go TXAustin, TXCar Southern Rock / RockCar BandCar 1mp3Car
Casey Martin LAShreveport, LACas Country / Southern RockCas BandCas 1mp3Cas
Chad Farris TXParis, TXCha Acoustic / Alternative / RockCha SoloCha 1mp3Cha
Chasing Rita TXTexarkana, TXCha Acoustic / ContemporaryCha BandCha 2Cha
Chris Edwards TXNacogdoches, TXChr Americana / Folk / AcousticChr SoloChr 2Chr
Clearly Vocal TXFlint, TXCle JazzCle VocalsCle 2Cle
Clusterfunk TXAustin, TXClu Funk / Blues / SoulClu BandClu 2Clu
Cody Lynn & Texas Thunder Band TXHenderson, TXCod Country / Classic Rock / Southern RockCod BandCod 2Cod
Cody Wayne TXAnywhere in East Texas, TXCod Country / Americana / AcousticCod SoloCod 1mp3Cod
Country Cyclone LALACou CountryCou BandCou 2Cou
COYOTE BLUE TXNorth East, TXCOY Blues / Classic RockCOY BandCOY 2COY
CROSSROADS LABossier City, LACRO Blues Rock / Classic RockCRO BandCRO 2CRO
d.mystify Worship Band TXEdom, TXd.m Christian Rockd.m Bandd.m 2d.m
Dagnabbit TXLongview, TXDag Country / Classic RockDag BandDag 1mp3Dag
Dallas Heart TXLongview, TXDal Jazz / Funk / BluesDal BandDal 1mp3Dal
Dalton Gossett LAShreveport, LADal Country / Classic Rock / GospelDal SoloDal 1mp3Dal
Darc Thirty TXPalestine, TXDar Country / Americana / Southern RockDar BandDar 2Dar
Deacon Dark TXTexarkana, TXDea Blues / Blues Rock / RockDea BandDea 2Dea
Dee Cooper-Durden TXPlugerville, TXDee Gospel / Contemporary / SoulDee SoloDee 2Dee
Dee Dee Williams TXLongview, TXDee Blues Rock / Classic Rock / SoulDee VocalsDee 2Dee
Destiny Duke and the Hazzards TXTXDes Country / Classic Rock / PopDes BandDes 2Des
Diddley Squat TXKarnack, TXDid Blues / Rock / SoulDid BandDid 2Did
Dino "Danger" Perelli TXgun barrel city, TXDin Classic Rock / Country / ComedyDin SoloDin 1mp3Din
Dixie Tradition LAShreveport, LADix Country / Southern Rock / RockDix BandDix 2Dix
Dominio TXKilgore, TXDom Christian Rock / Rock / BluesDom BassDom 2Dom
Don & Sue, The Texas Two TXHenderson, TXDon Country / Classic Rock / CountryDon BandDon 1mp3Don
Don Browning TXMarshall, TXDon Hard Rock / Alt Rock / Progressive RockDon DrumsDon 2Don
DoubleTake TXTyler, TXDou Dance / Country / Classic RockDou BandDou 2Dou
East Dallas Shufflers OKOKEas CountryEas BandEas 2Eas
East Texas BackRoads Band _3 TXChandler, TXEas Southern Rock / CountryEas BandEas 1mp3Eas
ENDURING HOUSE TXTyler, TXEND Christian Rock / Acoustic / ContemporaryEND BandEND 1mp3END
Eric Craig LAShreveport/Bossier City, LAEri Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Groove RockEri BandEri 2Eri
Eric Morris TXSan Antonio, TXEri Alternative / Modern Rock / Pop RockEri KeysEri 2Eri
eric staples TXdaingerfield, TXeri Acoustic / Grunge / Hard Rockeri Banderi 2eri
Eve of Reckoning TXTyler, TXEve Metal / Metal / Hard RockEve BandEve 2Eve
FindingCadence TXGarland, TXFin Rock / Indie Rock / AlternativeFin BandFin 2Fin
Full Circle LAMinden, LAFul Pop / Classic Rock / FunkFul BandFul 2Ful
Gary Huntsman TXCarthage, TXGar Blues / Blues Rock / CountryGar GuitarGar 2Gar
Gatlin McAdoo and Back Forty TXTXGat CountryGat BandGat 2Gat
Geezer TXWhitehouse, TXGee Acoustic / Classic RockGee BandGee 2Gee
Grant Cook TXFlint, TXGra Blues Rock / Classic Rock / R & BGra MusicianGra 2Gra
Group Therapy TXTyler, TXGro ContemporaryGro BandGro 2Gro
GypsyHead TXBuffalo, TXGyp Country / Rock / AmericanaGyp BandGyp 1mp3Gyp
Half Moon Grill & Saloon TXTyler (Gresham), TXHal Classic Rock / Blues / FunkHal BandHal 2Hal
Hill Country Jane TXHouston, TXHil Country / Rock / Southern RockHil BandHil 2Hil
Indo TXAustin/San Antonio, TXInd Indie Rock / Eclectic / Classic RockInd BandInd 2Ind
Izzy Redneck & Metallik Cowboys TXLivingston, TXIzz Country / Americana / AcousticIzz BandIzz 2Izz
Jason Herrin Band TXDallas, TXJas Country / Classic Rock / FolkJas BandJas 2Jas
Jawbone TXTexarkana, TXJaw Funk / R & B / RockJaw BandJaw 2Jaw
Jeff Guerin & The Community Blues Band ARMurfreesboro / Delight / Antoine, ARJef Blues / R & BJef BandJef 2Jef
Jennifer Brammer LAShreveport, LAJen Country / Blues Rock / DanceJen SoloJen 2Jen
Jeremy Scott TXEast Texas, TXJer Country / AcousticJer SoloJer 1mp3Jer
Jericho March TXKilgore, TXJer Christian Rock / Modern Rock / BluesJer BandJer 1mp3Jer
John Strickland TXHemphill, TXJoh Country / AmericanaJoh SoloJoh 1mp3Joh
Jonathan King TXKilgore, TXJon Soul / Funk / DanceJon SoloJon 1mp3Jon
Jonathan Shelton TXTyler, TXJon Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Blues RockJon GuitarJon 2Jon
Josh Ward Band TXShepherd, TXJos CountryJos BandJos 2Jos
Justin Mosley TXTyler, TXJus Classical / Alternative / Alt PopJus SoloJus 2Jus
KANDU LAShreveport, LAKAN Classic Rock / Country / AlternativeKAN BandKAN 2KAN
Kenneth Brackeen TXHallsville, TXKen Blues Rock / Classic RockKen DrumsKen 2Ken
Kevin Woodall TXCarthage, TXKev Country / Southern RockKev SoloKev 2Kev
King Richard & the Bayou Boys TXTyler, TXKin Blues / Rock / AmericanaKin GuitarKin 2Kin
Kurbsyde Paradox TXLongview, TXKur Acoustic / Jazz / FolkKur BandKur 2Kur
Lady Chazz and The Tramps TXGladewater, TXLad ContemporaryLad BandLad 2Lad
Last Call Outlaws TXHenderson, TXLas Country / Classic Rock / Southern RockLas BandLas 2Las
Last Day Living TXWolfe City, TXLas Rock / MetalLas BandLas 1mp3Las
Lauren Alexander TXbullard, TXLau CountryLau BandLau 2Lau
Local Jones ARARLoc Classic Rock / Blues Rock / Southern RockLoc BandLoc 2Loc
Lorissa Chapa TXCorpus Christi, TXLor Alt Rock / Alt Pop / CountryLor BandLor 2Lor
merciful pete TXTXmer Rock / Blues / Funkmer Bandmer 1mp3mer
Mike Hays Band TXArlington, TXMik Country / AmericanaMik BandMik 1mp3Mik
Miller Row TXTXMil Americana / Country / Southern RockMil BandMil 2Mil
Mr.Jones TXLongview, TXMr. Rock / R & B / CountryMr. BandMr. 2Mr.
Musical Heresy TXLongview, TXMus World / Acoustic / EclecticMus BandMus 1mp3Mus
Naked Sky TXOverton, TXNak Hard Rock / Alt Metal / Groove RockNak BandNak 2Nak
Nautical Twilight TXCollege Station, TXNau Christian Rock / Alternative / EmoNau BandNau 1mp3Nau
nightwork TXLindale, TXnig Jazz / Bluesnig Bandnig 2nig
one20one TXTXone Rock / Country / Bluesone Bandone 2one
Patrick Odom TXTXPat Blues Rock / Dance / CountryPat DuetPat 2Pat
Patrick Odom Band TXtyler, TXPat Classic Rock / Blues / CountryPat BandPat 2Pat
Powerstage TXLongview, TXPow Classic Rock / Southern Rock / Modern RockPow BandPow 1mp3Pow
Push Water TXJewett, TXPus CountryPus BandPus 1mp3Pus
Quicksand LAShreveport, LAQui Country / Southern RockQui BandQui 2Qui
Ray Laurent TXPanola, TXRay Country / CountryRay SoloRay 2Ray
Rebel Download TXColdspring, TXReb Country / Southern Rock / BluesReb BandReb 1mp3Reb
Red Delilah Band TXAlto, TXRed Country / Southern Rock / RockRed BandRed 2Red
Remaining Anonymous TXLongview, TXRem Hard Rock / Metal / ExperimentalRem BandRem 2Rem
REX ROBARDS & The Barefoot Cowboy Band TXTXREX CountryREX BandREX 2REX
Rick Summer Droit TXHenderson, TXRic AcousticRic SoloRic 1mp3Ric
Rock Bottom TXTyler, TXRoc Classic Rock / Modern Rock / CountryRoc BandRoc 2Roc
Roger Cowan Band TXBeckville, TXRog Country / Southern Rock / AcousticRog BandRog 2Rog
Ryan Couron ARARRya Country / Southern Rock / RockRya SoloRya 2Rya
Ryan Ready TXMckinney, TXRya Country / AlternativeRya BandRya 1mp3Rya
Second 2 None LANatchitoches, LASec Classic Rock / Country / BluesSec BandSec 1mp3Sec
SENZAR MOON TXTXSEN Acoustic / Eclectic / ExperimentalSEN BandSEN 2SEN
Shelby Gipson TXSan Augistine, TXShe Country / Southern Rock / GospelShe SoloShe 2She
Six Market Blvd. TXStephenville, TXSix Americana / Acoustic / Southern RockSix BandSix 2Six
SMR TXNortheast, TXSMR Rock / Southern Rock / Classic RockSMR BandSMR 2SMR
Snake & Deadwood with The Blackwater Band TXTXSna Blues / Blues Rock / SoulSna BandSna 2Sna
Sons of the Republic TXLongview, TXSon Country / Rock / BluesSon BandSon 2Son
Soulfish Blues Band LAShreveport, LASou Blues / Blues RockSou BandSou 2Sou
Southbound TXNacogdoches, TXSou Country / Classic Rock / Southern RockSou BandSou 1mp3Sou
Southern Revolution TXLivingston, TXSou Classic Rock / Country / Southern RockSou BandSou 2Sou
Steve Howell TXMarshall, TXSte Blues / JazzSte BandSte 2Ste
StillBent TXTyler, TXSti Grunge / Metal / RockSti BandSti 2Sti
Stone Road TXLongview/Kilgore, TXSto Rock / Alt Rock / Hard RockSto BandSto 2Sto
Sunny Sweeney TNNashville, TNSun CountrySun SoloSun 2Sun
Sweet Pain TXTyler, TXSwe Classic RockSwe BandSwe 2Swe
Take 2 TXTyler, TXTak Classic Rock / Dance / FunkTak BandTak 2Tak
terry fancher TXwhitehouse, TXter Christian Rock / Jazz / Instrumentalter Soloter 2ter
Terry Hargrave & Wild Ride TXPalestine, TXTer Country / Southern RockTer BandTer 2Ter
Texas County Roads TXHenderson, TXTex Country / Americana / Classic RockTex BandTex 2Tex
Texas Highway TXPittsburg, TXTex CountryTex BandTex 1mp3Tex
Texas Steele TXHallsville, TXTex Country / Classic Rock / BluesTex BandTex 2Tex
The Band In Black TXAustin, TXThe Country / Americana / RockThe BandThe 2The
The Brooze Brothers TXHenderson, TXThe Classic RockThe BandThe 2The
The Captain Legendary Band TXHumble, TXThe Country / Southern RockThe BandThe 1mp3The
The Chris Bevill Band TXTX, TXThe Country / Classic Rock / Christian RockThe BandThe 2The
The Kid Icarus Project TXTXThe AlternativeThe BandThe 2The
The KYLE HUNT BAND TXTXThe Country / Southern RockThe BandThe 2The
The Ricky Earl Band TXJacksonville, TXThe CountryThe BandThe 1mp3The
The Roscoes LAShreveport, LAThe Country / RockThe BandThe 2The
The Sweetbaby Arms TXTexarkana, TXThe Country / Alt Rock / Indie RockThe BandThe 2The
the Texas Blues Burners TXDFW & East Texas, TXthe Blues / Blues Rock / Acousticthe Bandthe 2the
The Zak Perry Band TXAustin, TXThe Blues Rock / Rock / AmericanaThe BandThe 1mp3The
theDURANGOband TXAvery, TXthe Country / Classic Rockthe Bandthe 1mp3the
Thomas Wade TXmineola, TXTho Alternative / Americana / Southern RockTho BandTho 2Tho
Tim Whalen TXNew Boston, TXTim Contemporary / Hard Rock / Classic RockTim MusicianTim 2Tim
TJ Broscoff TXGun Barrel City, TXTJ Acoustic / Alt Rock / AmericanaTJ BandTJ 1mp3TJ
Tom Sykes and the Texas Travelers TXDallas, TXTom Americana / Blues / RockTom BandTom 2Tom
TriTheory TXLindale, TXTri Modern Rock / Hard RockTri BandTri 2Tri
Truffula Tree TXEast Texas, TXTru Alternative / RockTru BandTru 1mp3Tru
Uncle Lucius TXAustin, TXUnc Country / Rock / Southern RockUnc BandUnc 1mp3Unc
Wayland Hicks and the Backroad Travelers TXLindale, TXWay Country / Classic RockWay BandWay 2Way
What tha Deuce LARinggold, LAWha Blues / Blues Rock / Southern RockWha BandWha 1mp3Wha
White Chocolate TXFlint, TXWhi Gospel / Funk / SkaWhi BandWhi 2Whi
Ziggy Moonshine TXHouston, TXZig Americana / Country / Southern RockZig BandZig 2Zig

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